Make Corbrook a part of your support network
For many years, we've played an active role in your community, helping people with varying levels of abilities to move beyond the workshop environment, towards more active and engaged lives.

Our person-directed approach puts people firmly in charge of planning the support they want and need.

Our services provide opportunities to enhance skills, build self-esteem and become more independent.

Our community partnerships ensure we can help people tap in to a variety of other resources so they enjoy a higher overall quality of life.

Whether you want to attain paid or volunteer work experience, learn something new, make friends or simply have more fun, make Corbrook a part of your support network.

Together, we'll help you awaken your abilities and reach your goals.

For Employment Services please contact College Boreal at 1 800 -361-6673

For Developmental Services please contact your local Developmental Services Ontario office at 1-855-372-3858
Pour se il vous plaît contacter les services d'emploi Collège Boréal au 1 800 361.6673

Pour des services de développement se il vous plaît contacter votre bureau des services de développement de l'Ontario au 1-855-372-3858 locale

Corbrook develops and provides opportunities for meaningful work and personal development for persons with varying levels of abilities.